Dog got very happy when he overjoyed reunion with his owner

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Dog got very happy when he overjoyed reunion with his owner

Alan visits his family and hopes to have a good time with Chipper, but things get worse when the dog goes.

Allen is afraid of the convenience of Chipper because he's alone in a city he doesn't know.

Hoping to find him, Allen stayed a few more days and searched everywhere. Unfortunately, the dog was misplaced. Call each shelter and install "missing" leaflets in the hope that someone can deliver the Chipper and deliver it to the ground.

Ultimately, Allen had to return to Durham, North Carolina without his dog. However, make sure that the Animal Organization, located in Endless Love Pet Palace, is still searching for Chipper.

Sheila Kemp, the owner of this organization, said the case:

"I include three bravery in their hands, or use them or are you willing to help them. We will do everything we can."

Kemp is campaigning for a team of volunteers who will take Allen's house to Chest in search of him.

They set up direct and immediate traps along the vicinity.

A few weeks later, Kemp received a call from a woman who said how she thought he found Schipper. He described how he was concerned about a dog roaming the road and decided to take him and give him water and water.

The dog was bored and confused, but the woman helped him regain his strength.

The best came after it was confirmed that the dog was actually Chipper.

Allen can't wait to hug his friend after spending a lot of time together.

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