Foster Mom is always there and down for a family members photo

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Foster Mom is always there and down for a family members photo

It is difficult to make your dog sit still to take a photo. Any dog owner knows that. But there is a babysitter mother who has no problem getting 11 dogs to look at the camera and take a great family photo!

(Top left: Mia, Pancake, and Paxton. Bottom left: Benji, Gizmo, Alex, Penny, Donny, Lula, Monroe, and Rudy. They are all babysitters except Gizmo, Donny, Monroe, and Rudy who are their property ).

Melissa Lintz cares for dogs with Releash Atlanta, and her skills and images show this was more than just a lucky scene.

She has a lot of these photos, and the dogs behave perfectly fine and throw them all away!

She doesn't even have to use food, meals, or anything. Melissa shares a special bond with her dogs and their care, and in her eyes you can see the trust and love they have for her.

"I literally put them on the couch one by one and they got themselves!" Melissa said to The "I'm just telling you to look at me."

Melissa linz
Melissa linz

The images are very cute, but they also capture dogs at an important moment in their life when they learn the peculiarities of pets at home. This whispering dog hopes his training and care will pay off by helping herders find their homes forever.

h/t. The Dodo - PawMyGosh

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