Homeless cat is welcomed by family and surprises them by giving birth to her tiny furballs

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Homeless cat is welcomed by family and surprises them by giving birth to her tiny furballs

A Stray Cat Brings A “Litter” Of Joy To Family

A family starts noticing this gray and white cat around her house. It seems that the cat was trying to escape from the recent heat waves and screaming for food.

So the family left the door open and the cat followed them from the inside. Since then, this cat was made at home. The family has no complaints. They love animals, and above all, they already have four cats, a turtle and a huge tank full of fish.

However, if they are responsible and want the same respect they expect if one of their pets is loose, then they are waiting for someone to claim their lovely cat. Over time, no one did. So they took the cat to a local animal shelter to see if the cat had a microchip. For their joy, the cat did not have a chip inside.

They decided to breastfeed and take care of the cat alone. Everything was awesome, but after a while the family noticed something else about the cat.

A Pleasant Surprise

The cat's belly became bigger and more rounded. So the cat family returned to the animal shelter. The vet told them that the cat was pregnant and probably had three small fluff inside.

Another week later, Mama's cat relaxed until the cat popped up. The birth of one, two or three cats, but six. Unfortunately, not a single little cat has survived so far.

Another five cats were healthy and immediately sick. They get their daily bathroom from Mama Cat and enjoy their new life. The family decided to name the five.

Fred and George were named after the twins and the first born. The smallest and largest cat named Peony. The other two are momo, a male cat with a black cat, and a white cat with a white cheek.

Happy ending to the family and mum litter

The family plans to stick and neutralize the five cats as they grow older. Mama and Peony cat, small but large, stays with family. The family realizes that each of the four cats will go to a good home and they will see them in person.

One thing is for sure, this Mama's cat is really fortunate to find a "pet-friendly" house. I enjoyed having children with precious and beautiful cats. Happy ending, everyone.

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