Mom brings her newborn home, the family dog’s had reaction

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Mom brings her newborn home, the family dog’s had reaction

Although they can be stubborn at times, Shiba Inu are generally curious puppies that are easily laughed at due to their quirkiness.

Experts say this breed is one of the greatest keepers due to its keen memory. They can alert the owner if they notice things are out of place. They are excellent students who have the ability to memorize commands very quickly.

Most importantly, they are incredibly loyal and will protect their family no matter what.

"Shiba Inu is a good family dog, loyal and dedicated, and works well with children when properly socialized and trained, and children treat him well and respectfully."

Other things that families with a defect in their lives should know is that dogs are always involved in various activities so that they can release excess energy. This can help you avoid potential unsafe accidents.

Shiba Inu is glad to have someone to spend time with. In the few years a baby will grow, there is no doubt that these two best friends will spend the day playing and running in the park.

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